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go. fly. soar. up. ascend. elevate. yeehah, hup hup, wah hoo. ahh yip yip?

26 March 1988
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bout Lil 'ol Me

I likes what I likes and when I loves... eek beware ^_^"

Active Fandoms

Supernatural - Harry Potter - Merlin

Inactive Fandoms

Hannah Montana - Wizards of Waverly Place - Toy Story 3 - Naruto - Stargate SG1 - Star Wars - NCIS

*scratches head* 0_o" There seriously used to be so many.. Now I just lurk





Generally Slash pairings. I can read my favourite characters with anyone if I like em enough \O/

Chuck/Blair (probably the only OTP het pairing I have =D)


Supernatural - Merlin - Gossip Girl - Glee
- How I Met Your Mother -

Moar Links

Shall put the useful ones here when I think of them..

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"I'm working on being more mature and zenlike, but it's a

work in progress."

Stylesheet by refuted

+anime, 3 days grace, abby scuito, adachi, alex rider, all american rejects, alternative rock, ana, angel, angst, anime, anthony dinozzo, aoe reiji, aqua timez, arashi, artemis fowl, avatar, books, breaking benjamin, buffy, castiel, charlie eppes, charmed, chemistry, chick lit, christopher halliwell, computers, cosplay, cross game, dean winchester, demon diary, destial, draco malfoy, draco veritas, drew fuller, eclipse, emo, fanfiction, finch, forensic science, gemma ward, gibbs, gothic lolita, gothloli, gravitation, grey's anatomy, h/d, h2, hana yori dango, harry potter, house md, html, internet, iruka, it, janet evanovich, japanese, jessica wakefield, jimmy eat world, kakairu, kakashi, kiera knightley, kimi wa petto, kyouya, linkin park, love mode, manga, mary-kate olsen, matsujun, matsumoto jun, mia, michael weatherly, mischa barton, misha collins, mitsuru adachi, miyuki, my american heart, my chemical romance, naruto, ncis, newfound glory, nicole richie, nightrunners, nine days, numb3rs, ouran, ouran host club, photography, physics, pro-ana, punk, raenef, reading, rock, rufio, ryuichi, sagashita izumi, sailormoon, saiyuki, sanzo, sasuke, sasunaru, shindou shuichi, shirakawa naoya, sick puppies, simple plan, skiing, slash, smile empty soul, snow boarding, snow patrol, sokka, spitz, stabilo, stephanie plum, sugarcult, sum41, suou tamaki, supernatural, sweet valley, switchfoot, takamiya katsura, tamaki, the fray, the last airbender, the sleepy jackson, the starting line, the used, third eye blind, tony dinozzo, touch, tramps like us, travelling, tsubasa domyouji, tsukino usagi, ugly betty, uzumaki naruto, wilson, yaoi, yuki eiri, zuko, コブクロ


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